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Biography of Amit.

Amit Bhadana has 20.9M Subscribers on his Youtube Channel. He is famous for Best Comedy with rhyming.

Early Life

    Amit was born on7th September 1993 in Bulandshahar, Uttar Prades, India. After some time of his born, they sift Delhi because of his father's Transport Bussines. He completes his education from Delhi. After complete Graduation, he studies law. 

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Father: Narendra Bhadana.
Mother: Munshidevi Bhadana.


    Amit is a full-time youtube. He has degrees of law. During Collage he starts dubbing video and posts it on Facebook. During this time his dubbed video of the Hindi Movie "border" got viral on Facebook, So his friends advise him to make videos on YouTube. on 1st March 2017, he starts his youtube channel named Amit Bhadana. He makes his videos with a positive message.

Social media.

Amit Bhadana Facebook: Amit Bhadana (vist)
Amit Bhadana Twitter:Amit Bhadana (vist)
Amit Bhadana Instagram:Amit Bhadana (vist)
Amit Bhadana Youtube:Amit Bhadana (vist)

Quick Bio

Name Amit Bhadana
Profession You Tuber
You Tube Channel Amit Bhadana
Subscribers 20.9M subscribers
Birth Date 7th September 1993
Birth Place Bulandshahar, Uttar Prades, India
Father Narendra Bhadana
Mother Munshidevi Bhadana
Instagram Amit Bhadana
Twitter Amit Bhadana
Facebook Amit Bhadana
Study Law
Starts Youtube 1st March 2017
income 4to6 Lakh per month

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